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Best Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

Is there anything more nerve-racking than having a new teen driver? Getting your driver’s license is a rite of passage in the United States and an important part of becoming independent, but the process can put a lot of stress on parents.

If you have a teen driver in your family, you might be wondering how you can monitor their driving and keep them safe—especially if you remember your own days as a teenage driver. Fortunately, there are lots of apps available that make it easy to keep your child safe on the road.

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Family Locator by Sygic

Not only does Family Locator by Sygic help you keep an eye on your teen’s driving, it offers lots of other features that can give you peace of mind as your family goes about their daily life as well. This easy-to-use app has every family member’s location on one map. You can follow their location history and even see what route they took to get there.

Set safe and unsafe zones on the map so you get alerts if your child leaves a safe zone or enters an unsafe zone. You can also set up alerts to find out when your teen leaves school or other set locations. Your teen can feel safer knowing that an SOS button on the app is just a touch away, notifying you if they get lost.


Life360 has an entire set of features dedicated to driving safety. The app uses phone motion to detect when a crash has occurred, making it easy for your teen to call for help and for you to respond to the scene of the accident. If an accident occurs, the app will call emergency services for assistance.

Roadside assistance gives your teen a way to stay safe if their vehicle breaks down or pops a tire on the road. Check your family’s driving summary to see how many miles they’ve driven, whether or not they have used their phones while driving, and when they have driven at speeds higher than 80 MPH. The app also logs hard braking, rapid acceleration, and other signs of unsafe driving.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

Open up TrueMotion to see where your family members are and how each of them got to their current location. If your teen has a bit of a phone addiction, the app will let you know if they were using their phone while driving. The app “ranks” family members according to how safely they drive, so it’s easy to compare your teen’s driving to others in the family. Some of the behaviors tracked by the app include aggressive driving, excessive speeding, and distracted driving.


MamaBear makes it easy to communicate with your teen about safe driving, keeping them safe while nurturing your relationship. Set up notifications so you know when your teen leaves a safe place, is marked somewhere on social media, and when they are driving safely. One unique feature is that MamaBear also tracks their friends’ driving if your teen is in the car with them.

Even if you know that your teen is a safe driver, you don’t know how their friends drive. This app notifies you if they are in a vehicle with a speeding or distracted driver. The app allows teens to check in with their parents using emojis, and in an unsafe situation, the teenager can send a one-touch “Come Get Me” message.


The Automatic adapter for the car identifies vehicle problems, provides personalized feedback to improve your driving, and remembers where you parked your car. It also makes it easy to put your teen’s phone on do not disturb mode while they’re driving, which reduces the temptation to drive and text.

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