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Obtaining Fair Compensation After a Disfigurement Injury

Disfiguring injuries are not only painful, but they can also be incredibly embarrassing and life-changing for victims. A previously charismatic and outgoing person might find themselves withdrawn, isolated, and bitter after an injury that completely changes their appearance. If you’ve suffered a disfiguring injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

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What Causes Disfiguration?

Any type of injury that permanently alters your appearance can be considered disfiguring. Car accidents, workplace injuries, animal attacks, chemical spills, and falls can all lead to disfigurement. Some common types of disfigurement include:

  • Scarring
  • Amputation
  • Loss of body parts
  • Deep lacerations
  • Broken bones that do not properly heal
  • Burns

Treatment options vary, depending on what type of injury you’ve sustained and how quickly it is identified. In most cases, earlier identification improves the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Expenses Related to Your Injury

As you may imagine, these types of injuries can be incredibly expensive. They are serious enough to warrant an immediate ER trip, which means you’re already looking at thousands of dollars in ambulance fees and initial checkups. From there, you may also incur bills for surgical procedures, pain management, and follow-up visits.

Unfortunately, the expenses don’t stop after your initial round of treatment. Most disfiguring injuries also affect your mobility and independence in some way. For example, a large burn that leaves a scar can hinder mobility. The scar tissue may stick to the nearby tendons, muscles, and bones. This affects the joint and keeps you from moving freely.

An amputation obviously limits your ability to either walk independently or do day-to-day tasks without assistance. Across the board, there are life-changing consequences of a disfiguring injury.

Many victims need to go to extensive physical therapy and occupational therapy to regain full use of their bodies. Even with successful therapy, many are unable to make a full recovery. For example, those who go through an amputation may suffer phantom pains on and off for the rest of their lives.

Will Your Income Be Affected?

Depending on what you do for a living and what type of injury you suffered, your ability to earn a living may be significantly impaired. For example, if your income is dependent on your appearance, athleticism, or overall strength, you could find that your income drops significantly.

This goes beyond those who work as models or actors. It includes fields like sales, where looking a certain way can be beneficial to your commissions. It also includes tour guides, fitness instructors, nurses, and anyone else whose work requires them to be on their feet or have full mobility.

If your injury leaves you completely unable to work or unable to work as much as you used to, you may be entitled to compensation for that loss. Your injury is not your fault—why should it leave you financially unstable for the rest of your career? Your attorney will be able to determine whether or not your line of work allows you to seek compensation for lost income.

Other Losses

You will likely want to request compensation for non-financial losses. Lost wages and medical treatment are expensive, but you may also be dealing with significant mental trauma and physical pain as a result of your injury. Nothing can take away the embarrassment that may come with a disfiguring injury or give you back the time lost to pain and suffering. However, compensation may give you what you need to learn how to live with your new normal.

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