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The Importance of Getting a Lawyer Involved Early After a Trucking Accident

While they’re both vehicle collisions, truck accidents and car accidents don’t have a lot else in common. Just ask anyone who’s been through both—the destruction and fallout of a trucking accident is far worse than what you’ll see in a car crash. What does this mean for you as you try to figure out what you should do after a truck crash?

It means that it’s time to talk to a trucking accident lawyer. There are a lot of moving pieces in any accident claim, but truck collision claims are far more complex than other types of vehicle accident cases. The quicker you get a lawyer involved, the more time they have to fight for the compensation you deserve. Call Turner, Onderdonk, Kimbrough & Howell at our Chatom office at 251-336-3411 or our Bay Minette office at 251-336-3697 to schedule a free consultation right away.

Time is of the Essence

There is truly no time to waste when it comes to a truck accident claim. A lot of the evidence available to you and your legal team is time-sensitive. Skid marks on the road will be scrubbed off within days, if not hours. A destroyed median or metal railing will be replaced in record time to keep the roadway looking tidy. Even damage to your car will be repaired in a matter of weeks. If you wait too long to talk to a lawyer, they have no chance to look at any of this evidence and use it in your claim.

The Paperwork Alone is Overwhelming

Truck accidents typically involve several different parties. There’s you, the driver, the driver’s employer, the party that is shipping the load, the person meant to receive the load, the company that loaded the cargo, the company’s legal team, vehicle and vehicle part manufacturers, and more. All of these people and entities have a major interest in how the case turns out, but none of them are on your side.

What does this mean for you as you try to negotiate a settlement? It means you will have more paperwork than you know what to do with. Everyone will send you different forms, record requests, and documentation demands. If you’re injured and trying to recover, you’ll find it nearly impossible to even keep up with these paperwork requests—much less respond to them.

The Other Side Has a Team Fighting for Them

You can bet that the truck driver involved in your crash has a legal team and insurance team fighting on their behalf, and those teams jumped into the fray the moment the accident occurred. Their sole goals are to minimize the financial damage to their client, protect their client from getting sued, and move through the process as quickly as possible.

You can always try to advocate for yourself in this arena, of course. But how confident are you in your ability to stand up for yourself when you’re going up against people who have built their careers advocating for truck drivers and trucking companies?

A Lot of Money is At Stake

Large tractor-trailers can cause a staggering amount of damage, which is why they have such sizable insurance policies attached to them. However, when there’s so much money on the table, you have to fight to get a chance at any of it. It doesn’t matter how obvious it is that the other driver was in the wrong—the insurance company will not pay up unless they are forced to do so.

That’s why you need a truck accident attorney. They know the variety of evidence available in truck accident claims, how to access that evidence quickly, and how to use that evidence in the most efficient way possible. This gives you a fighting chance at getting the fair and full compensation you deserve after a major collision.

Federal Laws and Regulations Are Involved

Truck drivers are bound by several government laws and regulations. If they are in violation of these rules, it could have an impact on your claim. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know how to look for these violations and how to use them in your claim.

Choose Turner, Onderdonk, Kimbrough & Howell for Your Truck Accident Case

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