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The Importance of the Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

The physics of a car accident are nearly impossible for the average layperson to understand, but they play an important part in figuring out liability—and seeking compensation. No matter how well you remember the crash that left you injured, it’s impossible to take in everything going on around you when you’re trying to survive. Fortunately, there are experts that can help out. Accident reconstruction specialists could be helpful in your personal injury claim.

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The Role of Liability

First, it’s crucial to know the importance of liability in your claim. Before you can recover compensation, you must be able to show who caused the accident and how that accident led to your injuries. If you’re unable to demonstrate liability, the insurance company has little reason to pay a settlement. Accident reconstruction specialists can provide clarification and explain exactly what—and who—caused the crash.

Training and Experience

Accident reconstruction specialists come from a variety of backgrounds and fields. They generally have substantial education in criminal justice, criminal investigation, or forensic science. Many come from fields like law enforcement, criminal justice, law, or forensic science. They may also have post-graduate training that specifically focuses on car accident investigation.

It’s important that your reconstruction specialist’s qualifications stand up to rigorous investigation. If your case goes to court, the other side will get a chance to ask about their experience and education. If they’re able to make your specialist look undertrained or inexperienced, that could harm your case.

How an Accident Reconstruction Specialist Can Help Your Claim

Accident reconstruction specialists look at a wide range of evidence from different sources. By putting together bits of evidence from different sources, they can draw up a timeline of what led to the accident, what happened during it, and the aftermath of the collision. They will also be able to explain how they reached each conclusion by drawing from various pieces of evidence, giving a brief breakdown of the science, and tying each part of the accident to your injuries.

Your word can be useful in a personal injury claim, but you have a vested interest in proving your innocence and proving the other party’s role in your injuries. On the other hand, a trained professional interested in preserving their reputation and accuracy is far more likely to be believed by insurance companies and juries. Not only can the investigator provide insight into what happened, but they can also verify your claims and your truthfulness as a witness.

Does Your Case Need an Accident Reconstruction Specialist?

Accident reconstruction specialists can be a great source of evidence for a personal injury claim, but are they always necessary? No. They are particularly useful in cases where both sides have vastly different takes on what happened or cases where the insurance company refuses to admit any liability. They can also be a strong resource if the insurance company will not accept the extent of a victim’s injuries or losses.

But not every case falls into those categories. Some cases are open-and-shut. The evidence is easy to analyze, and the insurance company doesn’t put up much of a fight when it comes to accepting their client’s fault. Furthermore, if the other driver comes out and admits what they did wrong, an accident reconstruction specialist proving what they did wrong may be unnecessary.

It really comes down to what your car accident attorney says. After assessing your case and looking at the evidence, they will know whether or not expert testimony is necessary and which experts to call in.

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