chest contusions

Things to Know About Chest Contusions

Chest contusions fall somewhere in the middle—while some are minor and heal on their own, others can worsen and become fatal. Know what to expect if you suffer a chest contusion after an accident and how you can protect yourself.

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Chest Contusions Are Not Immediately Visible

A chest contusion is a bruise caused by significant trauma to the torso. It’s often the result of blunt force trauma, as it does not result in broken skin but is enough to cause internal damage. Just because you don’t see a bruise immediately after an accident doesn’t mean that you’re fine. Contusions often take some time to show up as your body responds to the physical trauma you have endured. You might just feel mild pain, only to wake up the next day with deep purple bruising throughout your midsection.

Healing Takes a Long Time

You’re likely wondering how long your contusion will take to heal, particularly if it covers a substantial portion of your skin. A lot depends on the severity of your accident and what type of accident you’re in. If you have a minor rear-end accident that throws you up against your seatbelt, your contusion could heal in a matter of days. If an airbag deploys into your chest as the result of a high-speed accident, you could be looking at weeks or months of recovery.

Plan on Extensive Diagnostic Work

One of the frightening things about contusions is the fact that they can mask myriad problems. Your contusion could be nothing more than a painful bruise that will heal with enough time and rest. However, it could also be covering a bruised lung that could leave you with permanent breathing issues. Until you go through proper testing, there’s no way to know. Because of this, be ready for your doctor to run a variety of tests on you.

The Symptoms of a Bruised Lung May Indicate a Chest Contusion

One of the more worrying outcomes of a chest contusion is a bruised lung. A bruised lung can lead to fluid buildup within the lung, which slowly chips away at your ability to breathe. Other issues that may arise with a bruised lung include lung infections and acute respiratory distress syndrome. This type of injury requires weeks or even months of rest and recovery, as you need to build up your ability to breathe normally and increase your endurance.

Any symptoms of a bruised lung warrant prompt medical care. These symptoms include low blood pressure, clammy skin, wheezing, coughing up blood, blue skin, and a crackling sound in the chest.

Signs That a Chest Contusion is Worsening

Ideally, you’ll seek medical care right away after an accident. This ensures that you catch health problems early and get the necessary treatment right away. However, if you skip an immediate checkup, you should still watch out for signs that your contusion is causing more serious problems. In addition to the symptoms of a bruised lung, you will want to watch out for internal bleeding and infections. Seek immediate medical care if you have new abdominal pain, your existing pain is getting more severe, or you have a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher.

Many people choose to skip medical care after an accident. Doing so can have fatal consequences, so make a full checkup a top priority after a crash.

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