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Why Your Injury Lawyer Should Have Trial Experience

When you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else, you have the right to be repaid for the ways that your life has been affected. This includes both economic and non-economic damages. These refer to your financial and non-financial losses, as well as your emotional and physical damages.

Understanding what damages you are entitled to is important. In many personal injury cases, you will have the right and opportunity to file claims with the insurance company. And obtaining a sizable insurance settlement could be possible for your case. But when you are looking for an attorney, it is important that you choose one that has a strong background in trial law experience. This is because many personal injury cases wind up having to go to court.

When you choose Turner, Onderdonk, Kimbrough, Howell, Huggins & Bradley, P.A., you will have the extensive trial experience you need to feel confident in your decision to pursue justice. Schedule your free case review when you call our Bay Minette office at 251-651-0483 or our Chatom office at 251-847-2237.

How Insurance Settlements Work

Insurance settlements are one of the most common ways that injury victims are awarded compensation for their suffering. Whether you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall, premises liability, construction accident, car accident, or any other type of accident, you are more than likely going to be filing a claim with someone’s insurance company.

Insurance settlements can provide compensation for some of your most substantial financial losses, such as your medical bills and costs of property repairs. But that is usually it. Insurance companies typically will only provide compensation for your economic, or monetary, damages. And with that, they will only cover certain types of economic damages such as your medical bills and property damages. Many insurance companies will not compensate you for other types of economic damages such as lost wages, loss of household services, increased insurance premium costs, and more.

Despite this, many attorneys will attempt to get their clients to settle with the insurance company for less than they deserve. But with Turner, Onderdonk, Kimbrough, Howell, Huggins & Bradley, P.A., we believe you should be fairly compensated for your suffering. Even if it means bringing your case to court. Here’s what to expect when your case goes to trial.

What to Expect When You Go to Trial

When you have been seriously injured and someone else is at fault, you need to have an experienced trial lawyer ready to take on your case. This is because if you hope to be awarded maximum compensation for your suffering, you will likely need to be prepared to bring your case to court.

The insurance company may pay you for certain losses if you try to settle with them. But they are not going to be willing to settle your claim for what it’s worth unless they believe they have to. And they may not be obligated to compensate you for certain non-economic damages. Non-economic damages do not have a fixed monetary value. This makes them more difficult to quantify. But that does not make them any less valuable.

In some cases, the best way to be awarded for the full value of your pain and suffering, emotional distress, scarring, disfigurement, diminished quality of life, and other non-economic losses is to bring your case before a jury and judge. Our experienced trial lawyers will work hard to get you the most out of your case.

Meet With an Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer Today

The last thing you need is to be taken advantage of twice. Make sure you get an experienced Alabama trial lawyer on your side who is equipped to help you fight for maximum compensation for your suffering. Our dedicated Alabama personal injury lawyers at Turner, Onderdonk, Kimbrough, Howell, Huggins & Bradley, P.A. are not afraid to bring your case to court to maximize your injury settlement.

Fight for the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free, no-risk consultation when you complete our online contact form. You can give our Bay Minette office a call at 251-651-0483 or call our Chatom office at 251-847-2237 to speak with our office about the specific details of your case.

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