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The Importance of a Post-Accident Investigation

Figuring out the facts of an accident and getting to the truth can be hard tasks. You have input from both drivers, insurance companies, and police officers. Everyone has their own angle and figuring out the truth in the midst of all of it is a major task. That’s why a car accident investigation is so important. Not only is the investigation helpful for the drivers, but it is also beneficial for insurance companies and the public in general.

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Find Out If You Have a Personal Injury Claim

One of the main reasons you should cooperate with a car accident investigation is that you want to know if you have a valid personal injury claim. If you’re racking up medical bills and lost time at work because of a crash, it’s worth it to find out if you can seek compensation from someone else involved in the collision. While an investigation may take time and cause you anxiety while you wait for the results, cooperation on your part can help the truth come out more quickly.

Determine Who Is at Fault

Figuring out who caused an accident is an important part of deciding who will pay for damages caused in a collision. In fact, this is the main goal for most investigations. Not only is this information helpful for accident victims, but it is also useful for insurance companies and public safety professionals.

Insurance agents use investigation results to determine who they keep as clients and who may have to pay higher rates to stay on as a customer. Police officers and others who work in this field can use this information to issue citations and take dangerous drivers off of the road.

Discover Public Safety Issues

After a car crash, it’s natural to assume that one of the drivers is at fault. In many situations, that is the case. One or both drivers made errors in judgment, leading to a collision. However, in other cases, a completely different party is liable. Other parties who may be responsible for damage in a car accident include vehicle manufacturers, repair professionals, and municipalities.

For example, consider a crash caused by a defective steering wheel. Although the driver attempted to avoid the crash by steering, the steering mechanism failed, and the driver hit the other car head-on. In this case, the driver did everything they could to avoid the crash, but the car’s unsafe malfunction caused a collision anyway. When this happens, all injured parties may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Additionally, reporting these issues is an important part of public safety. If enough reports of similar accidents come up, manufacturers can figure out which vehicles and components they need to recall. All in all, car accident investigations make the road a little safer. If crashes consistently happen at the same Chatom intersection along Jordan Street or State Highway 56, then legislators know they need to look a little deeper.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Getting full and fair compensation after a crash is an uphill battle since insurance companies aren’t in a rush to hand their money over. A post-crash investigation makes it very hard for them to deny the facts of a case and give you a lowball offer. The more information and evidence you have, the more compelled they are to give you a fair offer that represents your actual losses.

How do you ensure that your crash is fully investigated? Work with an attorney who can keep up with the status of your investigation and get their hands on necessary information. Your attorney can also consult investigative specialists to get the evidence you need. For example, an accident reconstruction specialist can use available evidence to determine exactly how the crash occurred and who played a part in it. Choosing the right attorney makes a big difference in a personal injury claim.

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